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There was a time when I had the time to scribble my works of fiction... Sometimes with errors of course but wowing all the same...

Nnabugwu Ebere February 9, 2016 ยท

As the prince listened as the messenger delivered the message from Nnediora, his heart was torn in two. Yes! He is madly in love with her and ofcousre he isn't afraid of shouting it on top of Ugwuaji.....but he couldn't help but succumb to the heart-wrenching reality that his selfishness had caused the love of his life a separation from her marriage. What was he thinking? How could he had been so foolish, careless and carefree......?

Just then the messenger mentioned something that gave him a glimmer of hope, ".....i told you to leave me alone that am married but you didn't listen. Now my husband has humiliated me out of the house. Out of shame , I am seeking succor from the bossom of my grandma. Please don't look for me. Please marry princess Olanma, our journey ends here....
". Exactly!! That was the lucky break he was looking for. He had screwed up the woman's life but at least he had the chance of apologizing to her face to face. She said he shouldn't look for her. But he knew that that meant just the opposite. Prince Ikenna turned around and two of his guards stood with him and with a voice so calm but so sure, full of authority but had kindness in equal measures said, "Obiozo, get ready my horse, we are going hunting....". Obiozo enquired with all humility , what they were hunting for so as to know the gears to saddle but the Prince waved him off. But In the mind of the young prince he murmured, "my heart....we are hunting for my love....".

In the plains of Amasiri, in the cornfield of Ichie Akabuokwu, the "Afobuzo 1 of Akama kingdom, two women laboured under the scorching sun. Nneka was humming a tune in her head that had refused to go away since that morning. It was the tune they always danced to when was a maiden. Yes it was a beautiful tune that talked of Love and affection. She remembered how they danced to its rythm in the glare of the moonlight.

Those were days of happiness indeed. Ofcousre it was during of those nights that she was approached by a young prince......oh nooo now she is thinking of him again. How could she? This man who she fell in love but left to study the intricacies of WAr and forgot his promises to her and came back many full moons later with the Princess of Umunze for a bride. Against her warnings both to herself and to him, he had persuaded and wooed her, even knowing she is married. Now the husband has sent her parking. She doesn't miss the husband, not even a bit, their marriage was that of happenstance and not love but she missed her vows she made. She hadn't broken them.....technically. But her pride had been shattered......all because of this stubborn handsome prince........ tea length formal dresses

Suddenly, her grandma looked up and touched her on the shoulder, jolting her from her woes, "......i wonder who those are.....". She looked towards her direction of wonder and saw a five horsemen on horsebacks. They dressed like they were going for war or......hunting, judging by the dogs that followed.

As she stood watching as the cloud of dust followed inrushing company, she saw one of them signal the rest to stop as he rode on towards them. Right then it hit her ! She knew him so well, " Ewooo Nnem oo..!" she screamed. " Ogini, what is it my daughter?" , the grandma asked. " that.....is the Prince....of our kingdom, mama.."

Be it in the dream, in a trance or drunk, she knew that figure. His broad chest square shoulder gave him away......." Atokwanum ta"

He had to stop the rest of the men there and go on alone. This was his mess and he had to clean it up alone. By the Gods....she is beautiful. She looked angry alittle and startled too. But looked beautiful all the same. The winds was blowing strands of her hair everywhere and the hot sun had also caused sweat at her mammalian glands as it glistened clearly No.....not again! He had vowed to solve her problems not compound it. He started counting his heartbeat as the willing horse throttled down the cornfield.

How did he find her? What was he looking for?........Gosh he looked sleepless, unkempt and ravishing. Alot of ideas of why, what were playing hide and seek in her head. Her bane and her man is here but all she could think of was to disappear. She looked at the hoe she had in hand and looked at the soil..did it again. Just as she was about to dig a way out , she heard that pet name that has hunted has daydreams and wet dreams....."Adanne....". She looked up and there stood the loveof her life and prince charming and just then.........nothing else in this world mattered more...nothing