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Coming to the end of 1967 the holidays are upon us once again. Don Proebstel, Patsy's boyfriend, will soon be home from Germany having served honorably and come to the end of his enlistment.
Alfred was still in Viet Nam and the subject of our greatest worry and most fervent prayers.
Patsy is working at Sawyers GAF making Viewmaster parts and excited for Don's return.
Susan is enjoying her job as a Nanny and her time at Fagans Beauty School. Helping others accent their natural beauty seems to be a good career choice for our daughter who so hates to get dirty.
Thanksgiving and Christmas with all the school and church programs goes quickly.
1968 is looking like a good year. Alva and Fern will welcome an addition to their family this summer. It had been several years since the last family addition for the Payne cousins.
My baby brother Leland has met a wonderful lady and I do believe he is finally in love. Bonna is a school teacher and obviously returns his sentiments.
January 30, 1968 TET offensive is beginning. Alfred left Viet Nam for a thirty day leave on February 2 and returned to Viet Nam in March after the major altercation. All those prayers we offered for him were truly answered. He was saved by God. We couldn't be more grateful that Alfred missed this action and was safe.
Don Proebstel went to work for GTE Telephone Company shortly after returning home. He proposed and Patty accepted and they began planning their wedding and life together. Before they went to pick out wedding rings Don came to ask Bill for his permission. "I want to ask for Patsy's hand in marriage" to which Bill replied "Is that all you want just her hand?" Don and Pat were nervous but we all laughed and felt better for the joke. Planning was a bit complicated by Don's work location out of Svenson, a small town a short way from Astoria and a long way from Yamhill. He spent the week at his apartment up there and came down to visit as often as possible. tea length dress that prom considered
Patsy spent her week carpooling to work in Progress, between Tigard and Berverton saving all she could for her dream wedding on February 14, 1969.
This school year passed quickly and and summer work and garden filled our days.
Alva and Fern were surprised to welcome twins on July 3. Darcy Kay and Darla Ray laying side by side in the Nursery when Alva came in after their delivery with their two little Seward name tags and cute little matching faces was quite a shock. The whole family and extended family was delighted by our double blessing. Patsy got to help for a short time when they first came home but it was soon clear that Linda and Carol were all the help Fern would need. They simply adored their baby sisters.
Derby Day and Family Reunion and summer over the kids began the 1968/69 school year with Clifford Joining Bobby at Y-C and playing football. Bobby also continued wrestling and track. and enjoying the experience.
October 28 Alfred exited Viet Nam arriving at Ft. Lewis,Washington where he was honorably discharged from the US Army. Alfred attended church with the family in his Uniform that first Sunday home. His dad introduced him to a lovely young Linfield Colege Student Janet Ruth Titsworth. They were delighted with each other and soon spending all the time they possibly could together getting to know and love one another.
Our whole family together for the holidays and with the bonus of Don and Janet. It was wonderful.
Patsy's planning was complete. Wedding invitations on the way, bridal party chosen. My cousin Louis Morgan was enlisted to create the wedding cake. Wilma Walters putting together the flowers and Colcord doing the pictures. I managed the completion of Her wedding gown and attendants dresses and I even made myself a special outfit too. Don's mom made the wedding veil and presented a lovely and delicious Rehearsal dinner in her home for everyone.
The church was lovely and full of guests and everything went off without a hitch. Off on a short honeymoon then Pat packed up her things to join Don in his tiny apartment in Svenson until moving to Astoria. They purchased an old pickup truck as a second vehicle for $99.00 and began their life together. My first to marry was on her own.
Alfred and Janet were soon planning their own wedding. Their wedding would take place in El Cerrito, California on May 31,1969.