short blue formal dresses

(trigger warning - this is a humorous reimagining of the not-actually-so-rough rough day of a privileged white girl)

**Looooong slow exhale**

Today, I did a craaaaazy thing (for a country girl at least). I braved the underbelly of the beast itself... AND lived to tell the tale relatively unscathed.

There were many times I thought I wouldn't make it.

Moments when I lost all hope of finding the holy grail (and doubted that the holy grail even EXISTED at all!)

Situations where I thought my battle was all but lost.

Glimpses of total despair threatening to consume me.

The bone-weariness and exhaustion sinking deeper into my being as I trudged resolutely through the sea of sensory overwhelm.

BUT within the intensity of my 9 hour journey through Pacific Fair and Robina Town Centre shopping centres on the Gold Coast, there WERE many triumphs.

And I did find the holy grail of my wedding dress... eventually.

So I will not complain any longer, but list the moments throughout the long day for which I am grateful:

*Finding the SAME wedding ring to buy for HALF PRICE.. after I stupidly lost my original one (I took it off to do bodywork for a Yoni Mapping session and then must have thrown it out with the tissues on the tray because i'm a space-cadet - yes the struggle is REAL!)

*Finding another jeweller willing to let me skip the queue and resize it on the same day because my wedding is NEXT WEEK and I just can't come back here omg I just can't. A special deed done, a kind smile, a friendly chat.

*The upbeat, supportive, can-do attitude of Karlyn , my last minute trusty sidekick on this mission almost impossible - I literally could not have done it without her (even though I originally refused all offers of support for this mission - I felt like this was a path I needed to walk alone!) Today I recognised the true power of sisterhood **sniff** I needed her good vibes to keep me on my feet - I would have been a blubbering mess waaaaay before I found THE DRESS... and TBH probably wouldn't have found it at all. short blue formal dresses

*The lovely lady who so devotedly gave of her praise and attention and expertise, helping with the dress and accessories situation, giving discounts and generally making it feel good. Turns out she is actually from my little village neighbourhood at home - which we reminisced about as if I ALSO hadn't lived there in years, when I'd only left this morning.

*Delicious juice hydration, mocktails, epic vegan burgers and raw cake yumminess for the weary travellers to end their day together - the first solid thing I'd eaten all day at 4pm (ooops...!)

*The most exercise I've had in the last week combined, even if it was walking through endless brightly-lit rabbit warrens and corridors of shops.

And now I arrive home after much scary 'city' driving.
(Still working out 2 lane roundabouts, seriously WTF?)

My whole body exhaling.

I survived my body being passed through the entire labyrinthine intestinal tract of the belly of the beast itself (TWO beasts actually!) and lived to tell the tale. Wow.

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