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GOD IS FAITHFUL Devotional...
1st Feb 2018
Write: Maleek Osemudiame Musa

-It is deceitful, seeing that Christians have no disturbance to serve God beyond the nominal church activities or program, to having a good working relationship with the Holy Spirit with fruits Gal 5:16,22-23
2 Corin 13:14 says *"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen".* This verse attest to the desire of God where he wants every one christain to have a fruitful fellowship with him in the midst of the services John 15:1-8. This is not just about coming for altar or singing love songs to God, but a resolution in your heart from a resolve made to seek Him where nothing can stop distract or disturb jer 29:13 minimalist wedding dress
Beloved, are you set to follow God, glorify His name and carry your cross no matter the pain, trials, temptations, tribulations and sacrifices you have to made due to your love for God 2 Cor 5:14. Child of God this have nothing to do with your denomination, church, location or fellowship but your heartbeat for God in truth and in spirit when no-one else does seek God Psa 62:1-2. His presence should be your most precious asset Luke 10:41-42

*This is nothing about ministry, songs or group but a personal decision to love God with all you have*

*Be so grateful to God that even if God has stop the ministry of answering prayers, you would still seek Him because Jesus died for you*

*When you get to the point, that all your prayers have been answers and no more prayer points, it will not reduce or stop your passion for God*

*Even without the child, job, spouse, money, good heath or relationship, you would search for him for intimacy and not for requests*

*This has nothing to do with the fear of hell, sex, death, failure, rejection, sickness or poverty but a resounding approach of your zeal for God*

*You reach a point, Jesus is truly your husband and you are his bride irrespective of your gender. You stay and love Him in any situation*

*You are not driven by impact, preaching, singing or leading in a dance but you just want to experience that garden of Eden's atmosphere of warmth*

*The stage in your Christian journey, where you can forfeit your money, job, wears, friendship or relationship for the excellency of your love for God*

*Anointing, Power or manifestation of the gifts of Spirit has no play in your insatiable hunger for God in the midst of evil, corruption and lust*

*Even when your fellow Christians insult, mock, persecute, revile, tempt, reject or set you up. It will not change your affection for your God*

*When despite the prayers and fastings, your loved one died, no money, no admission, no job or no changes in health. You still purse after Him*

*They lay false accusations against you and call you all sought of names because you love Him, you still portray patience tolerance and self-control*

*No prophecy, no new songs from God, no love from men or no bank alert but your love and passion for this God is still intact and strong*

*Even if you are the only one that failed, dresses decent and pray or fear God in your group, school or work place. It would not change anything*

*Beloved, it is better you do self examination again today, to know the reason why you seek God. If the foundation is faulty it is bad!*

NOTE: God is not a herbalist or a witch doctor you meet and instantly you get what you want. Greatness and answers to prayers is not a day something but a gradual process with God

NUGGETS: Satan throws men up and they fall at some point but God lifts a man in due time and that man is duly elevated in life.

PRAYER: _*Dear God purge every wrong motive in me that is making me to seek you and work on me in Jesus name I ask.*_

Proverbs 8:17- *I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.*

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-SPIRITUAL GIFTS are simply natural abilities given to each and every individual in diversity by God without any price paid or charges! Romans 12:6
-SPIRITUAL GIFTS in the KINGDOM as a true Kingdom citizen are part of inherent tools endowed in a believer to manifest God's glory! 1 Corinthians 12:1
-SPIRITUAL GIFTS are constructively the intrinsic enablement in an individual before birth which he engages without stress pain! Psalms 68:18
-SPIRITUAL GIFTS are literally aptitude built in a believer before he/her existence to use easily with ease in blessing mankind potently! Daniel 2:48
-SPIRITUAL GIFTS are apparently diverse workings of the Spirit of God in different ways in the lives of believers to edify the church! 1 Corinthians 12:7
-SPIRITUAL GIFTS in summation are the diverse special supernatural abilities in the life of believers by enablement of the Holy Spirit who's the giver of the Gifts! Hebrews 2:4
*gift of visions to see the spiritual physically
*word of knowledge to see inner live of people
*word of wisdom to give people good counsel
*sensitivity to have a knowing of something
*gift of working of miracles for the supernatural
*gift of prophecy to tell people of what to come
*gift of healing for deliverance healing sick
*discerning of spirits to know the good and evil
*diverse tongues to speak new tongue steadily
*intercessory to stand in the gap for people
*different offices call for ministerial works
*gift of faith to express strange faith for signs wonders
*interpretation of tongues to reveal the meaning of the tongues spoken
-remember! These SPIRITUAL GIFTS are automatic in lives of every individual(even non Christians) and work in diversities! Ephesians 4:11 Jeremiah 1:5
-NOTE: it's only few of these SPIRITUAL GIFTS functionality are constant(some need to be activated) and it works even if you're a sinner or a non christian and you can't have all the gifts! Romans 11:29
-my dear! You need to be trained by the Spirit of God(by himself or through preachers The WORD books matured believers) on how they work unless it will be fruitfulless to you! 1 Corinthians 14:12
-It's possible! When you search out to know its importance and how to function in them! John 14:12-13.take heed.CHRIST IS COMING. # selah
Lets make effective use of our SPIRITUAL GIFTS and remember HE'S+JESUS LOVES YOU STILL!
May the God enlighten our eyes!
God bless you as you share!