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Happy Birthday to one of the greatest ladies I know. I get the pleasure of calling Mom! I've had the pleasure of knowing this woman 51 years of her 87 ❤️ , granted I've caused a few gray hairs but we've always weathered the storms together! Believe me there have been a few too many for my like...but she's always been there. A few of the greatest memories I have are as a young child taking meals to the guys in the fields. I thought that was so much fun...of course I didn't cook them (I might have made mud pies at that time), then her and I traveled back and forth for her extended college hours in the summers (those were some really fun times), man I remember she could put a car down the road...thus her love for NASCAR midi wedding guest dress ? . Another great memory...Camping with family and water skiing! Mom wasn't one that enjoyed the boat as much as I did but oh my gosh those were some good times. Now I'll skip a few years, they weren't our best but with Mom and I as a team we made it through! Graduation followed by my wedding...Mom made all the bridesmaid dresses and did all my flowers! Have I mentioned she was a rockstar?!? She was there for me along with Casey and my brothers for my brain surgery...yes folks I have one ? ....the moral to this is Mom is my Rock! Love you Mom and Happy Birthday !!