maxi evening gowns

I wanted something different.
I humbly thank those who tirelessly, patiently and lovingly gave their energy to help me.
I stand because of those that hold me up.

To K2K Alliance & Partners ("K2K") Karen & Kathy & Mrs Norman for once again generously dressing me exquisitely (go visit their showroom) this is actually a 2018 costume! I thank you. maxi evening gowns

To Dion Samuel Makeup Artistry for your deep well of patience and even deeper knowledge of makeup... yuh beat mih old face like a GOD.
To get the effect necessary and that makeup hold in sun & rain? Dion my love take win! I thank you.

To Neil Young hear nah!
Yuh dress me & undress me, yuh fix, fret and frown till we had each shot PERFECT... I don’t know why you love me, but I’m so grateful that you do.
I thank you.

Carmyen... the ideas were hers. Carmyen put me in the middle of moving traffic!
It worked !
But God know she provoke me to the end.
Whatever... STILL mih pickney ? ❤️

Ikenna Douglas (photography) you & your lens are genius. I thank you for your patience and your smile.

Olga, Geraldine and Jean... I thank you.