long red color bridesmaid dress

Dear friends, I forwarded this video to many via private message resulting in stunning responses back to me. Here are a few: .....the red dress killed me.
....thank you for sharing this with me
....oh fuck. Thanks for sharing this
....Ugh, yeah. I can't look at this. Very powerful, though. I agree that it should be a required mail field trip destination.
.....OMG! The kids clothes to add in an obvious but not thought until I saw this.
.....my God how sad.
......that's why I never called the police.
.....It was in the state of Washington drugged, raped and Pregnant as a result, the trifecta! Not at all rare as one might hope.
.......oh wow! That is amazing. I'm glad they are doing this!.
......a victim never forgets, and their world is changed forever!
.....wow, poignant.
.....I find it so sad that people blame the kind of clothing. People's minds go to a hooker, slept, prostitute, but they don't realize the average age in America of human trafficking, 13 last time I checked. Sickening. I love how this woman use this art form!
.....yes. And there are so many silent survivors. Thank you...... seeing clothing without a face makes the situation Universal. Grateful this is becoming more of a national conversation and they were all learning more about how to treat the many people who experience this with compassion rather than skepticism or judgment. long red color bridesmaid dress
.......over the weekend I was having dinner with some other gal Pals and was surprised and disappointed to hear that one of us still believes that what woman dresses can have something to do with rape. Maybe one of these days I will tell her that I was wearing a long-sleeve top and jeans when it happened to me.
.....the little kid dress makes me so sick.
....clearly this is a worldwide fucked-up idea not just the US that asks, "what were you wearing?". Deep appreciation to those who responded. # metoo

17 january 2018 Europe ---Rape survivors’ clothing on display The ‘Is it my fault?’ exhibition at the Centre Communautaire…youtube.com