long floor-length formal collection in black

(Life Imprisonment)
Inside room 255, in Diamond Hotel, as i was preparing to go kill Bethel and Annabel, so as Bethel was preparing to come kill me and Mary. Nevertheless, i got ready, put a small gun by the side of my trouser and the big one inside a bag. I wore a black jacket over a black shirt and my trouser was also black, even my shoes. I looked at Mary who was still lying on the bed in a cadaverous manner.
"I'm leaving, stay indoors" i said and went out. I moved down through the staircase of the hotel thinking how i suddenly became what i was trying to avoid-a murderer. After climbing down to the third floor of the building, i stopped and returned back to the room. I opened the door without knocking to see Mary staring at the sheet containing my image but immediately i entered, she folded it instantly.
"You have no manners! How can you batch into the room without knocking? What if i was naked dressing up?"
"Then u lock the door next time" i
replied calmly.
"Is that how u gonna apologize to me?" Mary asked but i never replied her rather stared at the drawing sheet.
"Where did you get that?" i asked.
"Get what?"
"The drawing"
"It's none of your business"
I neglected her because i believed that wasn't the right time to be asking her questions about the drawing and how she reacted the first time she saw me. I even made up my mind not to bother her about it if she refuses to tell me coz from her attitude, i believed we weren't compatible.
"Why are you back?" Mary broke the silence.
"I came to give you this" i brought out the small gun and stretched it to her. "Take it for self-protection"
"I don't know how to use it" she said.
"But you nearly shot me with it today"
"I wouldn't have done that"
"Coz i don't know how to do it"
"Just aim and pull the trigger" i
instructed then dropped the gun on the bed for her. I began to walk away but Mary's voice interrupted me.
"That's it? You kept the gun on the bed for me like some kind of animal, right?"
"Why do u always sensitize on whatever i do?"
"Coz u don't always do it right!"
"Listen young girl" i went closer to the bed glaring at her. "The only bond between u and i is the promise i made to your father. And u know what? Immediately i fulfil it, I'll be done with you!"
"Fine, just get out of here!" Mary shrieked and began to cry. I didn't know why she was crying but i believed it was because she remembered that she had no father anymore.
"You can leave the door wide open again" i concluded angrily and left the room. Before i got to the staircase, i heard the door loudly closed and locked.
Bethel also took his gun, kissed Annabel who was sitting in one of the cushions and said, "I'm leaving"
"I wonna follow you" Annabel said.
"No, your leg isn't healed yet. I can handle it myself"
As Bethel left the house, entered his car, so i also entered my car. He was driving to Diamond Hotel while i was driving to their house. We passed each other on the road without knowing.
I got to Bethel and Annabel's residence then quietly entered since it had no fence. At the same time, Annabel stood up going to lock the door. Unfortunately, that was the time i pushed the door forcefully thereby hitting her on the ground with it. She gasped.
"Hi, Annabel" i aimed the gun at her roaming my eyes to detect Bethel's presence too. "You and Bethel set me up, as if that wasn't enough, u murdered sir Joe. I guess it's pay back time"
"Bright please, don't kill me" Annabel begged.
I didn't listen to her rather i aimed the gun at her two legs and crippled them instantly, so She screamed in pains. I rushed into other rooms in search of Bethel but couldn't find him before coming back to Annabel.
"Where is Bethel?" i asked.
Annabel refuse to tell me, so i aimed the gun at her hands saying, "I'm gonna paralyze your hands if u don't tell me where he is"
"I don't know!" she shrieked in tears then i shot one of her hands.
"Okay, i will tell you.." she said breathing heavily.
"He has gone to Diamond Hotel to kill Joseph's daughter. He planned to kill u too"
"Oh, shit!" i exclaimed, tied her with a rope, blindfolded her eyes, shut her mouth with a fabric then put her inside the boot of my car and began to drive back to Diamond Hotel as fast as possible. On my way, i saw people running helter and skelter wondering what was happening. I saw Favour Vande being pursued by a guy. By mare looking at him, he was gonna kill her. So i reversed the car and pursued them along a lonely road. Favour fell down shouting, "Please, don't kill me" long floor-length formal collection in black
The guy brought out a dagger, before he used it on her, i shouted from behind with my gun aiming at him, "Let her go!"
When the guy saw me, he ran away then i approached Favour who was still on the floor and stretched my hand to her saying, "Get up"
Meanwhile, Bethel had reached Diamond...