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Day 4 Duck & Runs

Wood’s mantra is relentlessly consistent. He genuinely does not care if they don’t score or take hat fulls of runs and wickets. As long as the boys try, try & try again. And get it wrong because of the intent to learn. But rarely is a failure so genuinely celebrated as today, especially when parental involvement is part of the equation. But then Yoda is no ordinary parent. And it seems his influence over the force appears to have been succeeded by the power of predictive Freudian text. With precision (almost) to all the extended family back home...

‘All, Tarun not having the best day. First duck for 4 years, Mamman x’

To the parental tour party, which basically constitutes men of a certain age and juvenile sense of humour this has been the source of great celebration. And much back slapping for a somewhat embarrassed Westminster student. In the age of social media who said what goes on tour stays...Horrified by the error of his texting ways and deeply disturbed at the domestic offence that he may have inadvertently caused Yoda was quick to call home,

‘Sunita, I may have made a mistake?’

Ordering another beer, Yoda then laughs. And when Yoda laughs, everybody laughs. Out here Laughing Yoda now has a cult following!!

But the smile we share pales in comparison to the one Curran carries this evening. And it was not the first time we had tears of joy today was it Hardeep? JWCA have have witnessed many tourists establishing personal milestones over the years. This year it has been Curran’s turn with a very special first ton. A thumping innings of 120 as JWCA chased down 215 in 35 overs set by PTVA, a long standing fixture on JWCA Mumbai tours.

PTVA began incredibly strongly putting on 145 for the first wicket. But JWCA hung in to peg them back. Adil bowled tight lines and extracted swing up front. Length was critical on a cracking track and anything a fraction short was ruthlessly punished. Once the spinners went fuller JWCA regained some control and began to take wickets. Dubs (1-26) & Arjun (2-45) bowled particularly well in tandem to squeeze the middle order and both were unfortunate not to take more wickets. Ollie snuffled a stumping off each in a sharp performance behind the stumps before Adil & Aryan returned to claim a wicket a piece. PTVA posted 215-6 from their 35 overs. lace fabric evening wears

Curran set off like a train. His second scoring shot cleared the ropes and was one of 10 sixes. The damage he caused was not limited to the PTVA bowling, as Dubs will testify after being polaxed by one tracer bullet. Curran threatened to carry his bat but was eventually caught for 120 on the deep midwicket boundary. The chase had been built on partnerships with more than supporting acts from Kahill & Dubber. With 50 required Alex took up the cudgel. A cameo from Adil and despite losing a couple of late wickets JWCA cruised home with 18 balls to spare. A memorable victory. One of only 2 in 7 years at PTVA.

Tuc tuc time. After so many tour’s here it is a little disconcerting that the Tuc tucs are reliant on SamNav to find our way back to the MIG. Chill out and then an easy net session as the ground opens to the locals...

‘Please sir, please sir, please sir, please can I bowl sir’ ... 14 year old in yellow T
‘No sir, no sir, no sir, you must where whites. MIG rules you know’ 48 year old Adam in bright green trainers

5 minutes later ..
‘Please sir, please sir, please sir, please can I bowl sir’ 14 year old in bright new whites
‘What do you bowl young man?’
‘Pace sir, pace sir, pace sir. Left arm pace sir,’

1 ball later...
‘Young man, what’s your name?’ Wood
‘Shriv sir, Shriv sir, Shriv sir, my name is Shriv sir’
‘Well Shriv sir can you come on Tuesday Shriv sir?’
‘School sir, school sir, school sir. I have school sir’
‘We train at 7 am Shriv sir and we have a match on Wednesday would you like to play Shriv sir?’
‘I miss sir, miss sir, miss sir. I miss school sir’

Young Shriv is our new secret weapon. Though he did not quite know what to make of the dog leg bowling coach in a dress. And words cant describe Hardeep’s catch that followed. Lets just say strangely reminiscent of the attached. Only climbing over Vina, Nirav, & SJ in desperation to claim the first crowd catch of tour.…/is-this-the-greatest-big-bash-leagu… . Lets just hope young Shriv turns up on Tuesday!

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