grandmother of bride dress

I had the unique opportunity of having my bedroom connect the apartment my grandparents lived in to the rest of the house... after I was put to bed and my parents closed my door, the other door opposite of that would open and I’d hear “hey boy” from my grandpa... they played rummikub and argued ferociously at night, every night. But, they would let me come down and hang out. My grandma would make celery with peanut butter for me and a glass of cranberry juice. Gramps was a Marine, Grandma was one of the “Rosie the Riveters” in the factory. Travelled, had a ton of great people always visiting from all over. Ate really well! Not always healthy, my grandpa buttered his chocolate Entemann’s donuts(no joke)... he ordered his steak by saying “just knock the horns of it”(also not a joke).. Grandmother on the other hand ate extremely healthy and EXTREMELY consistent.. hence 95 years. “Lots of fruits and veggies”(and wine of course) was her claim... she always had a plate of veggies out before dinner to snack on, green/yellow/red sweet peppers, celery. And dinner was 3 courses, always! Salad, main course with 2 sides and desert... her apple pie crust melted in your mouth. Gramps mowed the lawn every other day, washed his car just as much. Not a thing was ever out of place around them. And they both had this greeting fashion of a cheering extended “hey” along with whatever nickname they gave you(so many people had them, and from odd stuff) They love to dress up and go out, cocktail hour was a daily thing.... they had work ethic, class, swagger, style(like most wouldn’t believe) brutal honesty(sometimes, too brutal)... amazing people. grandmother of bride dress

Thanks again to all who reached out to me and my family recently... it really Means a lot to me.