cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender

Episode 35 & 36
Continues from the last episode.
My friend Sam was dumpfounded as he couldn’t speak.
Sam: no wonder most of the girls in school are all taking about you, you are beast menn..
He said and I smiled. His own d--k is big, long and meaty but mine is another case entirely.
Ruth: don’t keep me waiting, come and stick your d--k in here.
She said to Sam pointing at her vaginal. Samuel walked up to her, lay her on the floor and with one stroke, his d--k was inside her and he started f-----g her slowly and passionately.
Ruth: oh my… Yes… Just like that, I loveee it.
She moaned out and he continued f-----g her deep but slower.
I moved to my awaiting Rose and placed her on the floor also without wasting time, I thrusted deep into her.
Rose: ouchh…. Ummmm.. Ohhr…
I pushed harder and half of my d--k was inside her now. Still not satisfied, I pushed even harder till I hit her rock bottom, the last place my d--k can ever reach and now, she have almost taken everything inside of her.
Rose: arghhh….. I… I…. I… Am full. Don’t dare move an inch, don’t dare even move an inch.
She moaned and came again. I withdrew my d--k and thrusted into her again. She was so tight that my Beast was literally tearing her p---y into two. I could feel her raw flesh, tearing wider and wider to accommodate my beast. cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender
Rose: my gawddddd…… I am damned ooo, ouch… Ouchh ouchh, idris ooooo!!!
I looked at Sam and he was still busy, Rose was closing her eyes as wave and wave of orgasmic bliss hit her.
I gave him a nod and he understood. We turned them and made them stoop on all fours. Rose was directly facing Ruth as I entered her from behind while Samuel entered Ruth from behind too.
Ruth: argh, f--k me Sam..
F--k me harder I love you!!!!!
She moaned as Samuel hit her hard from behind. With one hard stroke, I hit Rose rock bottom with pressure and she jolted.
Not knowing what to do, she held her sister and gave her a deep kiss as I rammed her from behind.
The sight of the two sisters kissing each other was so d--n hot and I could feel my o----m build up.
Samuel: Agg… Argh… Oh yeahhhh. Ahm
He moaned as he emptied his load inside Ruth. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I pushed my d--k so hard into Rose that she screamed in pains and I began to pour in inside of her.
Me: yeahhhh….. Oh yeahhhhhhhh…..
I moaned endlessly.
We all laid on the floor. Me and Samuel’s dicks were limp, Ruth breathing hard and Rose’s legs spread wide apart to allow air in.
Ruth: holy!!!!!!!!
She screamed at the sight of her sister’s p---y which was now very wide but closing rapidly.
Ruth: d--n you Idris. You are destroying my sister’s p---y. Just look at the size of that thing for goodness sake.
Rose: am just tired, I can’t even feel my legs. It’s like he was forcing his way all up to my womb.
Me: oh, so sorry about that.
Ruth: what’s the time?
Me: few minutes to seven.
I said after checking my phone.
Ruth: our telenovela will soon start, got to go.
Samuel: you and this your silly telenovela enh.
Ruth was already standing up, she wore her cloth but Rose couldn’t stand. Her sister helped her up and also helped her with dressing up.
Ruth: next time, you f--k her slowly, now I know the reason why she comes home limping sometimes.
Me: hi hi captain, will f--k her slowly next time.
Ruth: very good.
She said and went out with her sister who just kept quiet. Me and Samuel stood up and wore our cloth before we sat down to watch cartoon this time around.
Sam: d--n, ur d--k big o.
Me: yours is big too.
Sam: no, you get monster c--k. No wonder.
Me: no wonder wetin?
Samuel: nothing, I don dey go.
He said and we both shook hands before he ran out. Wow, today’s group bang was amazing. Day 1 being home alone.
Episode 36
Continues from the last episode.
Well nothing later happened as I made noodles for myself to eat before I found my way to my bed to catch some sleep.
*knock* *knock*
Someone was busy knocking on my door this early morning. At first I didn’t want to wake up but the knocking became so intense that I have no choice than to stand up from my bed and walked to the door.
Me: Samuel!!!!
I screamed as I found out that Samuel was the one disturbing me from my sleep.
Samuel: you no want wake up again. My mother say make I come wake you up abi you don forget say today na Monday?
Me: haa, today na Monday?
Samuel: no na last week Wednesday. Common go prepare make we go school.
He said and walked to his house. I smiled as I came back to my room to pick my handset to check the time. What I saw first was 4 missed calls, all from mum. Without wasting time I quickly called her back.
Me: good morning ma.
I said to her immediately she picked my call.
Mum: good morning Idris, how was your night?
Me: it was splendid and yours?
Mum: cool. I called you almost four times yesterday buy you were not picking up.
Me: I was already asleep when your call came in. It’s just now I am seeing it.
Mum: alright. I just wanna tell you that we arrived safely.
Me: oh thank God, what about Farouk?
Mum: he is fast asleep. I guess he is still very tired.
Me: and dad?
Mum: your dad is still sleeping too.
Me: alright mum. I want to prepare for school.
Mum: OK bye, take care.
Me: take care too.
I said and ended the call. Without wasting much time again. I ran to the bathroom where I took my bath and brushed my teeth.
Came back and wore my uniform and shoe and was set when Samuel walked inside my house again.
Me: them no teach you how to knock I think?
Samuel: you dey craze o, my mother say make o give you.
He said and dropped the plates in his hand. I opened it and it was filled with fried plantains and eggs.
Me: all these for me?
Samuel: no, all these for osama bin laden.
Me: hahaha, you dey craze o. You no go ever dey serious once in your life?
Samuel; but I enter your house say take this, my mother say make I give you and you still dey ask me say all these for me?
We both laughed, I walked to the small refrigerator in my room where I removed a thin of milk. When I came back, Samuel was already gone.
Without wasting time, I ate the food and drank the milk and I must confess, Samuel’s mum is a great cook.
I walk out of my room and closed it with a padlock before walking to their Samuel’s room. I greeted the mum for the food she gave me, kept the plates in the kitchen and me and Samuel set out to school.
We arrived at school pretty early and was forced to join the assembly.
In less than 30 minutes, we were through with morning devotion as we march to our various classes, starting from js1 to ss3.
I walk to my seat, dusted it and sat down. I breathed down in relief and looked around, I noticed something. Bella was looking at me with an angry face.
Me: wetin make that girl dey look me like that?
I asked Samuel who was sitting very close to me.
Samuel: which girl?
Me: Bella.
He stylishly looked at her before answering.
Samuel: no tell me say you don forget?
Me: forget wetin?
Samuel: no be you promise to meet her on Saturday?
Me: oh, no wonder. Your head correct my boy. No worry, I go go meet her very soon.
The English teacher entered inside our class to give us our first lecture for the day which lasted for over 45 minutes.
When he was through, he walked out of our class and Bella also walked out with him.
Samuel: this is your cue, follow her.
Me: sir yes sir!!
I said before walking out of the class to meet her.