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Living alone & in a bus with a 4.0 cu ft fridge has caused me to alter my shopping somewhat. For example, I cannot fit a head of lettuce in my fridge or if I do nothing else can go on that one shelf. Same happens with various other fresh vegetables. Brocolli, cauliflower, carrots.

In order to have a variety I have been buying my vegies in the party trays made up for parties. I sort out the vegies into seperate bags for cooking. The dip I use in place of a bottle of dressing. They have so many choices to select from depending on what I like to cook. And the best is that any leftover from a weekend or holiday event is usually marked down.

Moving along, I started buying the on sale shrimp rings they sell for special events. I break it down into separate bags & freeze them. As they are already cooked & peeled I can grab a bag to munch on during the day. For cooking I take a bag out of the freezer, thaw it out enough to separate them & put back into the freeze till meal time. I'll add butter & spices to a fry pan & drop them in frozen just long enough to thaw & warm them through. The cocktail sauce warmed up in the pan is wonderful to add too. Add them to rice or noodles & sauce. cheap cocktail dresses

Markdown prepared salads especially cabbage based can be sorted & cooked for a side vegie.

Ask the department manager especially in the produce section to mark an item down when the sale is a buy 3 get 1 free or ask to just buy one at sale price. 'Explain you live alone (even when you don't) or that your camping & only have room for one. Most will gladly do it for you.

Does anyone have any down & dirty cheap ways to cook for one or two without having to eat the same thing day after day due to the space in your fridge?